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We love how good lighting, highlight wall features and well placed art can give new life to any room! And we believe in making your dreams come to light!

Mr. fix-it for all your remodeling needs!

Specialties are LED Chandeliers, Vanity Lighting, pendant lights, drum lights, ceiling fans, GFCI protected outlets, Dimmer switches, Occupancy sensors and Smart switches.

We go above and beyond with highlight walls, custom floating shelving, fire places, custom mantles, woodworking custom art, custom home office, kitchen updates and TV mounting with hidden wires! Let my OCD work for you, and see why so many have chosen to snap their projects into place with us.

Here are some wood art pieces I made with reclaimed lumber from Evanston Habitat for Humanity! (love them) And a selfie while I was fixing a vanity light! 

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Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company IMG20231124011321-scaled-e1704435323504 Home
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company IMG20231129143653-scaled-e1704434548366 Home

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Patricia Palafox
I knew I was going to have trouble installing my latest chandelier in a 1920's bungalow. Aziz installed it quickly. He had to come back a second time because the hardware the chandelier came with was not compatible with the existing hardware in the outlet box. But he fixed that quickly too as well installing the correct dimmer switch. Feel comfortable using the Urban Lumberjack. He'll get the job done and get it done right.
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Juan Jones
Aziz was a lifesaver! He tackled my electrical tasks with impressive speed and efficiency. I'm grateful for his expertise and would definitely hire him again for any handyman work. Highly recommended!
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ALV-UjXiEp54j-rBuwMGnYJ5qU4DCq6ZTeMP37rdTPcpnX3k_52J=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
Ashley Dorros
Aziz was truly wonderful and so patient with our lighting service! He helped us move a 3 light fixtures from one room to another and put up 2 more light fixtures, neither of which were super simple. He was thorough, explained exactly what was needed and what he was doing ahead of time, asked for my opinion when needed along the way, and made sure everything was perfect. I couldn’t be happier with his work and will definitely use him again! Highly recommend!
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ACg8ocKaqd-JSY1eANsqThIBqp71OSn3ER8ViNSebaK0gER4=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
diane kalensky
Aziz was professional nice to work with and quickly completed various projects including garage door stripping, installing garage security lighting and various light switches.
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ACg8ocKDLUA6mk5wW6TFpZarRn8mefNZtKvadJ-_HXs3krqP=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
Shelley Amdur
Aziz was referred by a friend. He stabilized a cabinet that was about to fall off the wall. Also found whe the halogen bulb in my kitchen fixture kept blowing. And fixed the hardware on my drawers. Small jobs, but now my kitchen is functional.
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ACg8ocLI6_Usl2GVwOukql64gxnp4wOscoz-TohEK45XkDtf=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
Linda Berne
Aziz was absolutely wonderful! He hung a door for us in our basement which is a project we had been wanting to do for a long time. He responded very quickly with an estimate and worked us into his schedule within a couple days. He communicated really well throughout the whole process. He was able to remove the old door and expertly install the new one leaving the work space clean. I will be calling on him again for any projects that need a professional!
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ACg8ocIpAmWqWnJz4jzZkUU3I5sN1SFmgLihwXDZ0EAHJlWnCg=s120-c-rp-mo-ba2-br100 Home
Austin Ferris
Very responsive and able to quickly provide quotes and service.
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ALV-UjVZbQ0A239ZZ3tK9QoQw1OzISQ3y07QPDew_AG4qeFdrYeW=s120-c-rp-mo-ba4-br100 Home
Hannah Ferris
Aziz gave us a great price for a lot of work! He is quick and efficient. We will be keeping him in mind for our future house projects!
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ALV-UjXVfXj8QtvJkrmwcksXdOo-GPkBHdM2AoQ1T1_7zXP_ngk=s120-c-rp-mo-ba3-br100 Home
Jordan Gurneau
I reached out to this business after searching for an electrician to install a doorbell. He answered the phone and gave me an exact time when he would stop by to check out the project. Turns out we didn't have any wires run for a doorbell, no problem. Aziz helped make sure the job was done in a few hours and was up front about prices and is reasonably priced. I plan to hire this business again for other electrical projects. It's worth a call.
Urban Lumberjack, Electric & Handyman Company ALV-UjV8pgT8l-PuiQPUlYtYM9F9an1DYEB0-soaa0lzgh_FZQ=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
Kash Shi
He’s hardworking,understand things to fix he did good job at my home specially to install bidget sprayer in bathrooms. As kids drop water on bathroom floor. He fixed my problem and I am v happy and thanks full to him. I gave 5 star on her work. I will share pictures of his work. Thanks

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